Upcoming Performances


July 19, 2017, Wednesday, Sullivan Sorento Historical Society 6:00 pm – Eunice Lakeman Hoar

July 20, 2017, Thursday, Jesup Library, Bar Harbor, open to the public, 7:00 pm – Chansonetta Stanley Emmons

August 3, 2017, Thursday, Schoodic Arts for All, Prospect Harbor, noon – open to the public – Eunice Lakeman Hoar and Historic Storytelling

August 24, 2017, Thursday, “The Moth” storytelling Ellsworth Public Library, 6:00 pm – “My Cousin Jimmy” (well, he was from Maine, and he did dress up as “The Bean Lady”!)

September 15, 2017, Friday evening, The Maine Muster of Storytellers, WatervilleA Maine Historic tale, to be announced

September 16, 2017, Saturday, The Maine Muster of Storytellers, Waterville – Jude’s workshop on telling historic tales

September 27, 2017, Wednesday evening, Newagen Inn, Northport (next to Boothbay), Stories for Kids (to be announced) open to the public.

October 15, 2017, Sunday, Camden Public Library, 2:00 pm, Eunice Lakeman Hoar

October 21, 2017, Blue Hill “The Word” festival, Eunice Lakeman Hoar (time and place to be announced)