Eunice Lakeman Hoar

Eunice Lakeman Hoar 1776-1846

Jude as Eunice
Jude Lamb, storyteller, in costume of 1817, as Eunice Lakeman Hoar, Jude’s 4th great grandmother.

The family story:

Eunice Lakeman married Luther Hoar in 1799. In 1817 they traveled about 20 miles with their 9 children, on foot, from the Avon area to what is now called Rangeley Lake, in Maine. Not only did they travel over late winter snow, but they climbed as much as 1000 feet in elevation. Along the way they had an adventure they did not plan! (The baby is lost, but I promise all ends well!)

This family was the first white family to settle on Rangeley Lake. Their story is traditionally told from the male point of view with Luther as the heroic pioneer. Luther was indeed a pioneer, settling in the Maine wilderness. But he could not have taken nine children, including a baby and toddlers, on that journey without the help, direction and partnership of a strong woman.

Jude’s portrayal of her great-great-great-great grandmother is created from a lifetime of hearing the family story, and years of research and study in genealogy, history, and the society of the early 19th century.

Jude, portraying Eunice, tells this dramatic story from 1817, as she looks back from the year 1844 – the year after Luther died. This story is flexible and can be focused for an audience of primarily children, or one of primarily adults. It can also be told to a group of mixed ages.

[All of my historic characters are presented in first person, while dressed in appropriate period clothing. This 35-40 minute presentation is told without notes. It differs from a one-women play, in that only the outline of the story is memorized. The story is a bit different with each telling, often in reaction to the audience. That is storytelling.] 

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