Historic Maine women brought to life through performance

by Jude Lamb, Storyteller


Eunice Lakeman Hoar * 1776-1846

Pioneer settler, in 1817, of Rangeley, Maine

Adventure story of the family journey, on foot, over the mountains


Chansonetta Stanley Emmons * 1858-1937

Artist and photographer, Kingfield, Maine

Life story, and slide show of Kingfield farm life


Aunt Hattie (historic stories, fictional character) * 1947

Story of creation and early history of Universalist Summer Meeting Place

(Ferry Beach Conference Center, Saco, Maine)


Ann Frances Jarvis Greely * 1831-1914

Suffragist (brought Susan B. Anthony to Ellsworth, Maine),

Millinery Shop Owner, Medical Practitioner,

Unitarian (raised money to build Ellsworth Unitarian Church),

Temperance, Animal Welfare

Story focus on Women’s Suffrage


Cordelia J. Stanwood * 1865-1958

Ornithologist (contributor to early bird guides), writer, photographer,

naturalist, Ellsworth, Maine

Her life story through birdlife observations


“Jude, what a wonderful afternoon at Food for Thought. Your presentation was elegant and simple at the same time. You have created a better way for us to see and feel our history. The response to your performance has been robust and keeps coming. Thank you so much for sharing your special talent with us. Jeff” – (From Jeff D. 5/1/17)

Kudos for Chansonetta!