Eunice – tells her story from 1817, dressed in the styles of the time. I tell the same basic story to all age groups. When telling to children the story focuses on Eunice’s nine children, and the skills and responsibilities that each child in the family would have had in 1817.

Chansonetta – tells her story in 1925. She looks back at her life and family, from the period of the ‘War Between the States’ (American Civil War), up to and including 1925.

Aunt Hattie – tells the story of a specific place, Ferry Beach Conference Center, Saco, Maine. It is set in the late 1940’s. Aunt Hattie is a fictional character, created to explain the history of Ferry Beach. (Founded as a Universalist Church Retreat Center in 1901, and today is affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association.) This story is of interest to those familiar with Ferry Beach.

Ann Frances Jarvis Greely – tells the story of Ann, a granddaughter of wealthy lumber baron, Colonel John Black of Ellsworth, Maine. She owned a millenary shop in Ellsworth at the age of 20. She was devoted to many causes, including temperance, anti-slavery, and women’s suffrage. She was the driving force behind organizing, and raising money to build, a large New England style Unitarian church in Ellsworth in the 1860s. Her story is set around 1900, and focuses on women’s suffrage. (She brought Susan B. Anthony to Ellsworth, Maine to speak!)